Have you ever ask yourself why you want to avoid challenges?
Why do you see challenges as something wrong ahead of you?

Our lives tend to be pretty busy. They’re riddled with never-ending to-do lists, depicted in the form of packed calendars, and punctuated by endless odd circumstances. Because life is generally so crazy, we often seek ways to inject predictability and routine into the mix. When at least some things are humming along in accordance with a usual, expected pattern, it lessens our anxiety and gives us more of a sense of control over our lives.
Not only can we then breathe and let go more easily, but having those routines and that modicum of predictability in place grants us the mental space and energy we need to manage all of the random things that inevitably arise. So, in many ways, these sorts of regular patterns can be beneficial to incorporate into our daily lives.
But here’s the problem with predictability and routine: it doesn’t challenge us.
When we fall into a routine with something we generally find pretty straightforward, it becomes a habit. Unless or until something changes to interrupt that habit, things are simple.

So why is that an issue? Or, put differently, why might we want to build more challenges into our lives?
Because what doesn’t challenge you won’t change you!

Get this. Challenges are part of every journey. Whatever you endeavor to build, you’ll face your share of challenges. Things won’t go as you planned from time to time and you’ll have to handle unexpected situations.
The question is not: Will you face challenges? You already know the answer: You will!
The better question is: How will you face challenges?

The first thing you must do is stop seeing challenges as problems but start seeing them as opportunities. If you had a choice, you would probably seek to avoid challenges. However, despite your best effort to prevent them, challenges arise and threaten your journey. It would help if you handled them. However, complex challenges do offer benefits.

Grow as an individual
It all starts with you. By competing, you can discover more about yourself and what you are good at, improve your knowledge and skills in familiar topics and learn more about what you are not good at. You will also grow as a person when you engage in reflective thinking, be more spontaneous, humble, honest, spiritual, etc.

Gain awareness, knowledge and skills
It is a pity if we do take chances to expand our horizons and enrich our experiences. So, make it your personal mission to seek awareness and broadening your perspectives. The more we know, the more we realize how little we actually understand about the world and the things around us. Be curious! Like Steve Jobs said: „Stay hungry. Stay foolish.“ Only then will we learn and grow. So, challenge yourself!

Challenges Call for Creativity
Challenges force you to tap into your creativity to come up with ways to overcome them. Some of the best ideas come up when you are feeling the pains of a challenge. Without the challenge, you would have never thought about that creative solution. When obstacles stand in your way, consider them as opportunities to find creative solutions to surmount them.

Challenges Make You Stronger
To build physical strength, you must apply a bit of resistance to your muscles. Challenges produce resistance, which develops inner fortitude. As you go through challenges, you become stronger and stronger. Challenges are an excellent opportunity for growth. They test your resolve and commitment to your goals. And when you overcome them, you develop emotional and mental strength.

Challenges Keep You Humble
Challenges remind you that you’re human: you don’t know everything; you can’t foresee everything; you can’t get away with everything; you have limitations; you have weaknesses; you make mistakes. Challenges remind you that you’re fragile. The appropriate challenge can protect (or cure) you from becoming prideful.

Challenges Amplify Your Achievements
When you have to overcome multiple challenges to reach your goal, you appreciate your achievement all the more; these challenges serve as amplifiers for your success. Certain accomplishments wouldn’t feel as valuable if they were less challenging.
Specific goals get their luster from the challenges you must overcome to accomplish them like climbing Mount Everest. In fact, the most significant goals bring their share of challenges; hence, few people can reach them.
When facing challenges, remember that they’re opportunities that carry their benefits: they call for your creativity, make you stronger, keep you humble, and amplify your achievements.

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Benjamin Huss

is a german entrepreneur,
who loves learning from other entrepreneurs.
He believes that the power of success lies in common work.

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