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The right distribution strategy is key!

When I talk with entrepreneurs, I always hear about the idea, the team behind and how they will affect the market. One question, I never get a proper answer for: How will you sell your product/idea? Distribution is key for any successful business. Without a good salesperson in your team you will never succeed. The salesperson is today looked upon…

Corona – a crisis of immense proportions offering the greatest of opportunities!

Corona has hit the world hard! Almost every country is in lockdown, and my guess is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. When Asia and Europa have overcome the crisis, we will have to turn our attention to Africa. Corona will be part of our lives for the remainder of 2020 and probably even longer, until we…

Why is an employee important to a company?

To have the right employee can be extremely essential to a company. If an employee isn’t doing the job as he or she should, it can cause huge consequences regarding the economy and other aspects in a company. I think it’s paramount that employees are self-propelled and independent in their work. You don’t want to spend too much time helping an…

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    Benjamin Huss

    is a german entrepreneur,
    who loves learning from other entrepreneurs.
    He believes that the power of success lies in common work.

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