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The event industry is dead! Long live the events industry!

In Germany we have a saying, ”totgeglaubte leben länger”. In Movies, they often say, “The King is dead. Long live the King.” Those two statements describe quite well the situation in the event industry since March 2020. A few fast facts: The meeting industry supported 3,2 million jobs in Europe in 2019 The global events industry size was valued at 1,300 billionUSD in…

Expectations for 2021

For many companies, 2020 has been like navigating uncharted waters. Businesses have faced rapidly changing customer and employee expectations precipitated by recent events, which have accelerated several key customer service trends. Key amongst the trends that are on their way to becoming reality is digitalisation, which businesses will have to treat as mainstream. They must be prepared to deal with…

The right distribution strategy is key!

When I talk with entrepreneurs, I always hear about the idea, the team behind and how they will affect the market. One question, I never get a proper answer for: How will you sell your product/idea? Distribution is key for any successful business. Without a good salesperson in your team you will never succeed. The salesperson is today looked upon…

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    Benjamin Huss

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