To have the right employee can be extremely essential to a company. 
If an employee isn’t doing the job as he or she should, it can cause huge consequences regarding the economy and other aspects in a company.

I think it’s paramount that employees are self-propelled and independent in their work. You don’t want to spend too much time helping an employee, otherwise you might as well do the job yourself. It’s my opinion that an employee should contribute in developing the company and me. An employee should not only be doing his job, but also ask himself how he can solve the task in the best possible way. In my company I don’t want any “robots”, but an independent and self-propelled individual is preferred.

To find the right employee can be difficult – one way to find the right one is look at your network. E.g. ask your co-workers if they can recommend somebody for the position – it gives kind of a security. Alternatively, you can use SoMe to search for the right person. 
Usually we look at the internet and SoMe to get more information about the candidate. Second, we invite the candidate to an interview to talk learn about the personality of the person. We want to get to know the person, before we talk work related. After the personal interview, the candidate gets a bit of homework which he or she will present next time we meet. Our overall focus is on the personality of a person. Sometimes we choose candidates which maybe not have the best CV, but we can see potential and that they fit in as a person in our team. 

We believe in team solutions, which makes it important that we hire team players. Sometimes it’s not important to hire the best, it can be more important to hire someone, who is sure about his or her own qualifications and can pass on work to others in the team.

Actually, I’ve never the liked thought of getting an employee, but it’s a need when you’re running a company in several countries.
The first full-time employee I hired was a HR manager, who could find the right employees. I want employees I can cooperate with and I don’t want to use too much time on recruiting and dealing with employee policy. To hire a HR manager was an expensive but great decision, I would rather focus on quality instead of cost when it comes to finding the right employee. It’s also expensive to hire the wrong employee since you would have to fire and then find a new person for the job. 90% of our employees stays within the business so an HR manager is definitely the key to getting the right people.

Something I find very important is that the people we hire are motivated. Motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organization to achieve higher levels of output. A motivated employee can mean many things e.g. increased commitment to the job, improved satisfaction, ongoing employee satisfaction and improved efficiency. Many of the goals you want to accomplish in a company, is powered by the commitment and talent of your employees. Every employee in your company has influence over some or all of your customer relationship – you have to be sure they are doing it right.

As a boss i see myself more like the guy, who makes sure that everyone has something to do, then the guy who tells everyone what they have to do. It is important to lead by example and let your employees feel, that you are at the same level as they are and they can talk to you at anytime. Of course you have to make decisions and especially in times of Corona, they are not always popular. Just remember to make decisions, which effects you the same way as they do to your employees. This is how to lead by example.

That’s my opinion on why employees are so important to a company.  

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Benjamin Huss

is a german entrepreneur,
who loves learning from other entrepreneurs.
He believes that the power of success lies in common work.

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